The Parker Group, Inc.
R. Lance Parker, Ph.D. 
Licensed Psychologist  

Dr. Parker served eight years in the United States Navy and studied at both the University of Hawaii and Texas Tech University where he received his doctorate in 1998. After completing his post-doc work, Dr. Parker received his license to practice psychology in 1999. He has worked with children in long term residential facilities and adults in psychiatric prison, jail, rehab and outpatient settings. Additionally, Dr. Parker served as the Chief Psychologist for a nationwide mental health HMO. For eight years, Dr. Parker provided clinical services to patients in inpatient drug rehab facilities and worked closely with probation and parole officers. For fifteen years, Dr. Parker specialized in child custody matters and high-conflict couples. He has a strong reputation with attorneys and Judges alike as a compassionate and honest professional. He has provided extensive services to the Courts and the community through psychological evaluations, Case Management and Limited Case Management services as well as individual, couples and family therapy. This experience makes Dr. Parker an excellent choice for legal matters, employee issues or for individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, marital or anger issues. On the personal side, Dr. Parker was the featured speaker at the Solid Growth Parenting Workshop for years and freely gave of his time to help struggling parents going through a divorce. Seeing a greater need in the community, Dr. Parker developed the Crash Course Academy. Through the Academy, Dr. Parker teaches people how to take control of their lives. He posts powerful information and tools at as well as educational and motivational videos. He sends out timely educational material via email to those who have signed up.  Additionally, Dr. Parker conducts weekly seminars on a variety of topics from anger, to anxiety, to success. All these services he provides for free, including food and drinks for attendees. (Read more here)