The Parker Group, Inc.
Melissa Meyer, M.A., 
Certified Love and Logic Facilitator

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For over twenty years, Melissa Meyer has excelled in teaching parents, co-parents, educators and community partners techniques which equip them to raise responsible children who are prepared to live in the real world with its many choices and consequences.  She specializes in personal coaching with parents who are undergoing contentious divorces, blending families or embarking on single-parenthood to better enable them to be effective co-parents and collaborators. 


Raised by a Love and Logic parent, Melissa Meyer has been immersed in the philosophy of the Love and Logic Institute since childhood. Melissa has successfully applied the Love and Logic approach as a special education teacher, a health care administrator and now, as a parent of two independent, strong-willed children. That experience, coupled with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s of Arts degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations, has given Melissa a unique vision of the whole human being from the cradle to the senior center. 


From new parents to grandparents, educators to business owners, Melissa trains people to use simple, straightforward strategies to build healthy relationships, effectively handle conflicts, avoid power struggles and to equip children, students and employees to be responsible, resilient citizens.