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2006, The Parker Group, Inc. formed in Wichita, KS to provide psychological services in the volatile legal arena of child custody.  Services included psychological, parental and child custody evaluations, parental supervision, individual therapy, anger management, expert testimony and consultation. Services grew to include matters of substance abuse, domestic violence, trauma treatment, corporate training and educational programs.


In recent years, the focus has shifted towards helping people in very difficult situations learn how to transform their lives by the renewal of their mind through individualized and custom-tailored services such as therapy, seminars, tele-consultations, podcasts educational videos and books. 


Redefining the Way 
We Think

Dr. Parker desires for all to realize that they already possess the God-given power within them to experience joy and purpose. The only requirement to begin harnessing that power is to transform from their old self into their new self.

Dr. Parker centers his work around teaching The Four Fundamentals. These are four ways we think that restrict us. By learning to change these thought processes, we can begin to transform and finally experience more joy, less stress, take control and begin to understand our purpose in this world.

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Our Journey So Far


The Parker Group, Inc.

After six years of serving as the Chief Psychologist for a Nationwide HMO, Dr. Parker formed The Parker Group, Inc. 



As The Parker Group, Inc. flourished in many areas, it was clear that the Court related areas of divorce and child-custody were becoming the main focus. The practice relocated to allow more convenient access by the Courts, Judges and attorneys.

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